• Proteine for hives boost up - 1kg

Proteine for hives boost up - 1kg

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Product details:

 This protein supplement is the best way how to boost up your bee hives. During spring period bee hives are not able fully support breeding in a suitable level because of missing pollen from external sources even if strength od the bee hive is suitable level. Tis supplement does not contain any GMO products. I am personally using this product or 5 years with verry good experiences.

Main advantages of this product are:

  • Rapid development of bee hives during the spring period
  • Boosting up immunity system of the bees
  • Bringing to the bee hives proteins necessary for breeding even if weather conditions are not allowing bees to bring pollen
  • Balanced Ph supporting smooth digesting
  • Boosting up honey bringing


1 kg of the protein supplement, 5 kg of powder sugar, 1.5 kg of glucose sirup.

Mix up all the components to the dense patty. Make a form of this patty as you wish and put the patty inside the plastic sacked (protecting patty against drying). Make hole inside patty not bigger than 10x10 cm. Put the patty on the frames.

Recept na prípravu cesta:

Zmiešajte 1 kg proteinového prípravku, 5 kg práš kového cukru, 1,5 kg glukózového sirupu (klasický sirup na kŕmenie včelstiev, alebo med)

Vymieste do formy cesta a položte priamo na rámiky, alebo do kŕmidla.